Right, so! I’m trying to spend less time on here, for a little while at least! I spend the morning and the afternoon (so far) working on my RISD stuff and will return to that in just a few minutes, after I finish taking this break uvu 

So if I’m not on as much that is why!!

January 19, 2013     2 notes

chapeletc replied to your post: I should really start posting more art again Or…

okay i have to ask because i’ve been curious: nickels and dimes is a webcomic, right? but has any of it been put up online so far so we could read it?

It WILL be! I have a site for it but there’s nothing there yet (I am working on chapter one right now) (I want to finish chapter one before I start posting so that I won’t fall horribly behind again)

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sweet theme, bro.