The Dream Merchant - Nathan Edmonson and Konstantin Novosadov

Randomly picked #1 of this one up at the same time as Wake. The story is alright BUT the color work is kind of blowing me away. Konstantin has got lighting down and it makes me so happy to see a book that takes you through a whole day with color and atmospheric light in mind.

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the illustration that wanted me dead

Ainmere and Isolde again.

“Whoops I shot my wife”

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Ink Reader

Victo Ngai

This illustration is for a very zen Thai fantasy by Thomas Olde Heuvelt on AD is the always fabulous Irene Gallo.
You can read the story here:

Yesterday I had the honor to give a talk at Syracuse University. (Everyone was so nice, check out the photos, I got treated like a Rock Star/Jesus and am still blushing. Anyways…) After the talk, Professor John Thompson and I striked up a conversation about the first book cover I did for Irene and all the other web story arts we colleberated on. John is a great painter and has illustrated many book covers. He told me, from his experience, covers are tricky because there’s often a fight between illustrators/art directors and editors/marketing team. Art people are always the one who have to give in. John said he remember when Irene entered the scene and how she was assertive at giving the artists as much creative freedom as possible. Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am.

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fanart of revolutionary girl utena for tumblr user rosesignet.

sorry this is so late but ay thanks for the great christmas!

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Higgs Boson. digital

Prints of this piece are available for purchase from the Light Grey Art Lab.

I did this piece for the Macro & Micro show opening this Friday at the Light Grey Art Lab. I chose the ‘everything else’ category which includes anything that is not specifically in the animal, mineral or vegetable category.

With the recent confirmation of the Higgs boson and consequently the Higgs field, I felt it was relevant to try and illustrate the concept of this ‘god particle’ and the impact it has on everyday life.

Here is an article which explains the Higgs Boson.

Sub atomic particles are interesting to me because they are the fundamental building blocks of our known universe. Yet it takes a level of faith to believe that the world around us is made up of particles that have never been seen with the naked eye. The scientific impact of the Higgs boson is wide, but I am no scientist. I simply have an interest in science from an observational point of view. Only time will tell what major impact the discovery of the Higgs boson will have on our everyday lives.

The show will be on from April 19 - May 10 at the Light Grey Art Lab and features work from over 90 different awesome artists. go check it out.

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sweet theme, bro.