Guys what are you doing that’s not how you’re supposed to dance I’d give you about three seconds and then you’ll both topple over is that what you want?? Is it?? Gosh don’t you know anything about dancing I mean geez

(actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both trying to sabotage one another and that’s why their feet are like that yeah let’s say that’s what it is and not just that I don’t know how to draw people dancing)

These two are not actually a couple or anything and they kind of hate each other but they’re similar and they both kind of have the same sense of style/musical taste/whatever so uh yeah?? This came on my ipod and I wanted to draw someone dancing so this happened and yes.

January 2, 2012     4 notes

"And you are…?"

paisley come on if you’re going to lie to everyone about everything all the time you could at least try to be less convincing about it

January 1, 2012     5 notes
sweet theme, bro.