i keep doing palette meme responses that no one ever asked for or i guess just. art with the palettes from the meme. and not doing the ones people did request

i feel like i should say sorry but i’m not actually sorry

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THIS IS SLIGHTLY LATE AND NOT AS CLEAN AS I INTENDED BUT happy birthday!!! original image is here and the crossover obviously belongs to you

you probably won’t see this till the morning but I submitted it at 12:13 am so I wasn’t TOO TOO LATE I hope you had a good day anyway and I hope to see you fairly soon !!


Oh my gosh Twergo is it ok if I go ahead and publish this? This is awesome! I’m truly touched by this gift, it makes me so happy that you drew something so nice for my self indulgent AU haha. Thank you so much!! You’re an awesome friend and I can’t wait to see you soon as well <3

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sweet theme, bro.