So I tried to design a new Carlos to match Dylan’s voice and then Carlos was too similar to my Cecil so a new (old) Cecil came with him 

as always I’d like to thank the wonderful whatwouldcecilwear and also make a couple suggestions

(FUN FACT, albinistic chinese-american Cecil was actually one of the first Cecils I drew, it’s nice to get back to that)

***EDIT please go to this post for information I failed to take into account and should have, from someone who knows far better than I do! I’m very sorry for any discomfort I may have caused.

March 5, 2014     117 notes

I told myself I’d post the growing collection of ridiculous sappy Cecilos art in my folder for valentine’s day oh my god it’s exactly as ridiculous and sappy as I remember this is why I never posted these things

goodbye I am gone happy valentine’s condos

February 14, 2014     448 notes

twergo: he switches between the lizard eyes and the exposed eyes and the long-lash eyes depending how he feels that day
twergo: cecil somehow making his nails match with holographic nail polish
twergo: because night vale
sami: but yeah i imagine he keeps like 3 pairs in his pocket so
twergo: just switches out depending on who he’s talking to
sami: usually he has the eye ones on but like. an intern dies and he puts on the skulls
twergo: carlos has seen a lot of the heart ones
sami: he’s in mid conversation with daniel and he asks cecil something and he just
sami: in response
sami: flips him off with the shades and walks out
sami: strex confiscates those and replaces them with the smiles
sami: kevin likes the smiles
twergo: the smiles and the dollar signs
twergo: would be the strex ones

sami and I had an important conversation about Cecil with holographic glasses today 

February 1, 2014     105 notes

In this bold new initiative — a game-changing strategy by one of the industry stalwarts — the Daily Journal plans to just go to bloggers’ homes and places of employment (with hatchets) and then chop them up (the bloggers) until they (the bloggers) are dead.

She added that the Journal still plans to use the AP Style Guide and they are working to design a newer, more modern-looking masthead.

Leann Hart is very important minor female WTNV characters are very important

January 27, 2014     422 notes

vaguely aware that POCecil week is still going on vaguely intending this to be for that but on the other hand I just

wanted to draw Cecil and Kevin so ??? eh

January 1, 2014     197 notes
sweet theme, bro.