back from the second college trip and i have some nice clean character sketches for a thing i’ve been working on

September 23, 2014     5 notes

so I finally got my scanner set up, only about a week late,

September 13, 2014     109 notes

i have never once kept up with 999 week. i have also never used my dad’s scanner before. i have used my brush pen, but not for the past year or so

i got to hang out with aster today tho & aster is the best & i figured might as well catch up in addition to doing santa, so,

September 3, 2014     115 notes

i keep doing palette meme responses that no one ever asked for or i guess just. art with the palettes from the meme. and not doing the ones people did request

i feel like i should say sorry but i’m not actually sorry

July 6, 2014     39 notes
sweet theme, bro.