Why isn’t there a word for that sound you make in the back of your throat without opening your mouth

July 13, 2013     2 notes

In fact it’s faded so much that it barely counts as a freckle anymore but I still think of it as a freckle which just goes to show how well I know the back of my hand

May 20, 2013     2 notes

Whenever someone says they know something like the back of their hand I have to think of that one time in elementary school where I thought there was brown marker on the back of my hand but it turned out to be a freckle

I don’t know how a freckle got there. I’m pretty sure it developed overnight. It has faded a little but it is still there.

I don’t know the back of my hand very well is the moral of the story

May 20, 2013     1 note


the guy on the radio just said “gas prices aren’t so bad if you consider you’re really buying liquid explosive dinosaurs” and my perspective on life is forever changed

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April 21, 2013     179,277 notes

One of my favorite things is when people I look up to also look up to or are friends with one another

There are some musical artists like this and some writers like this and some artists/comic artists like this and it’s just so great it makes me really happy

April 13, 2013     2 notes

like “shoot this is the same person with the same thoughts and personality and reactions even though they look totally different”

March 12, 2013     1 note

When a character is wearing a mask and you get to know them in the mask and costume and everything and then you see them entirely without any of that it’s just really weird to try and connect the two separate people as one and the same

March 12, 2013     2 notes

I think I tried to do the entire alphabet using the names of fictional characters once but I ended up missing a few letters

February 16, 2013
sweet theme, bro.