If I apologize for the sub ending in advance is that considered avoiding spoilers or no

November 7, 2012     3 notes

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October 26, 2012     1 note

My alarm didn’t go off and apparently my sister’s didn’t either so she’s still asleep which means I can’t go grab any new clothes to take a shower

We’re also out of clean bowls so I can’t have any cereal for breakfast

October 25, 2012

what no, I didn’t just spend twenty minutes putting that post together instead of doing my spanish essay, what are you talking about.

October 21, 2012

nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go [S] Cascade

October 21, 2012     3 notes

67 notes on the hanna drawing

what are you guys doing that was me venting before I went to sleep

October 6, 2012     2 notes

My alarm didn’t go off, we’re out of cereal, and the new Gunnerkrigg page tells us nothing

I’ve been awake for eight minutes and so far it’s not promising

October 1, 2012
sweet theme, bro.