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yeah I think it’s a bug they never fixed, I’m pretty sure it does resolves itself in one of the endings but she’s got a handful of other static mouths before she starts talking but mid-word it always defaults to the smile

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I’m in the living room because photoshop actually works for drawing on this computer but

my sister has a friend over and I keep getting nervous that they’ll look over and see what I’m drawing and just start judging me

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Course it is. Every detective does it. And we’re not a couple you’re lying 

I-I hope there’s no need for that! In the Nintendo Power interview he said he wants to make one and I think it also said the game was on like it’s fourth reprinting soooooo

…I think one of the qualities of a good teacher is not threatening one’s students with incinerators so you might want to work on that little habit at some point. But that sounds awesome—it’s so much nicer to have a good teacher than a horrible one.

They do? That’s a bit… odd. No, I suppose you aren’t… You’re a couple in denial.

…I don’t believe that I finished reading that article. Now I have to go searching through the issues to figure out which one it was… But… there may always be that need for an incinerator, so we shouldn’t dismiss the option too early.

What?! I would do no such thing! I would send them to the office and they would be threatened with incinerators there! You see; I would have everyone on my side… But yeah, I’ve had quite a few… bad teachers. One of them being one of two teachers who made me decide to want to become a teacher in the first place. If she hadn’t been so horrible, and the man who replaced her hadn’t been so kind, I don’t know if I would have chosen this path. I suppose that I have her to thank too, even if I don’t want to admit it.

What do you mean “odd”? It’s standard detective procedure clearly. Seven would probably get mad at you for that but /shrug 

It was at the veeeeeery end when he said it. He said something like “Did I plan it to have a sequel? No. Do I think it should have one? Yes.” And uh….. i-if you say so.

Alright, that sounds…fine. And huh… it’s funny how these things work. “Blessing in disguise,” I suppose?

It is? Well then, please excuse my ignorance.

OMG. WELL, PLAN FOR IT TO HAVE A SEQUEL NOW, PLEASE! I think that there are more than enough fans for them to be convinced… Throwing in pre-order bonuses could also stimulate the number… *still wants a watch*  I do say so! There should always be a back-up plan! I think the incinerator is the perfect one. Or perhaps holding them all at gunpoint until the make another one. Their choice.

Quite right. Oh! You want to be an artist? How wonderful. I used to want to be one… It started when I was very young… and then I wanted to be an art teacher (because those two teachers were art teachers) right after elementary school. High school I decided to finally give up since I didn’t have any talent and there are a limited number of jobs as an art teacher… Not that there aren’t a limit to jobs as a teacher period. Not that the number of teaching positions is still shrinking.


Did you read the answers section on the website? It sounded like he had a good idea of what would happen in the sequel too~ and sdkjfhsdj I’d love a watch too. I do believe either would be rather amusing irony considering they were the creators of the incinerator in the first place!

Ahhhh I’d love to be an artist and I like to think it’s a possibility for me but from what I’ve seen there’s an extremely small success rate D: Art teachers are awesome too—one of the ones at my school is extremely absent-minded (that is sort of an understatement in fact) but he teaches AP art so (shrug). What kind of teacher do you want to be now, then?

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sweet theme, bro.