April 29, 2013     7 notes

I still haven’t finished that askkurashikis response I was working on but it hasn’t been abandoned I swear I’ve just been


April 28, 2013     3 notes

you know something’s wrong when drawing your favorite characters being happy only makes you sadder

April 26, 2013     9 notes

I still have 2.5 panels left on this response (and I might redraw part of the third one) but the first and second ones (mostly the second aw aw) look really good it’s going quite well

April 24, 2013

that answer also has this panel which is currently very much unfinished but which I keep looking at because Adorable

April 22, 2013     6 notes

It’s very nice and smooth and clean but it is not being picked up by my tablet. I will have to investigate this

April 22, 2013     2 notes
sweet theme, bro.