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Inspired by thundercaya, who suggested there would be a ball pit at the Company Picnic.

(Pretty sure the Strex version of “three-legged races” requires each team to literally have three legs. However many amputations that takes.)


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Lady, I’ve trained for months. I’ve taken down your helicopters with only a slingshot. I’ve looked at a librarian in the area where most creatures would have eyes. You. Do not. Scare me.

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Jun Kumaori (b. 1988, Japanese) - Ichigenme, 2012 Paintings  Digital Arts

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Doodle from this morning about standing in a lake, closing your eyes and having spirits come out of the water around you.

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Award-winning artist Katharine Morling creates whimsical and often outlandish sculpture from porcelain and ceramics. Instead of simply making the pieces and leaving them in their ceramic form, the added touch of black in certain spots creates an illusive effect, making the everyday objects look like drawings in real life.

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sweet theme, bro.