requested by ivan ten thousand years ago, sigma “garbage” klim and akane “actual hero” kurashiki

σσσσσσ (that’s six sigmas) (sorry for the delay ivan)]

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I need these losers to be okay and together more than I need pretty much anything else (click through for hi-res)

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No matter what, we’ll help each other. 
That’s the kind of friends I want us to be. 

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Remember how Carlos saved Night Vale after the first date. ALSO HE’S AN ADORABLE DORK and NO ONE can convince me otherwise.

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Luna’s ending always makes me want to cry.

Morning break doodle. Messed up on her outfit a bit.

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hello friends!! if you’re going to see welcome to night vale at san diego comic con, they will have these exclusive posters i designed for the event and other super cool merch! this was so fun to draw because i love this scene so much. check it out if you are there have fun ok thank you

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The amount of kawaii in this scientist is like 10000000 kawaii

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apparently i did a high school AU at some point???

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sweet theme, bro.