apparently i did a high school AU at some point???

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People go like “you can’t force diversity” as if the racial hegemony and absolute heterosexuality in media happened naturally and wasn’t carefully constructed and heavily forced by a white supremacist agenda and society’s obsession with hetero normativity 

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Calling Zero Escape Artists!!!


hey-ho!! so me and some friends decided to act on a year old joke of a highschool au dating sim. you heard that right. but the thing is that we have A LOT of character sprites needed and there are only 4 of us so!! we would like to extend out to people within the fandom who would like to help!! no matter what level of art you can sign up to help it would be so so appreciated.

to b a part of this possible mess, just shoot me an ask w the character you’d like to sprite and i can give you some more details on how it should go appearance wise (tho tbh it is mostly up to you, you just need the basic gist).

anyway, the list of characters and who already is taken is below:


Phi- Aster

Akane- Twergo

Clover- Dreamdetective

Sigma- Sami




Junpei- Nikki



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Where Gravity Is Dead

by Laura Veirs


Laura Veirs - Where Gravity Is Dead

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new aesthetic: halloweenpunk

  • costumes
  • the faint smell of candy in the air
  • spooky lawn decorations
  • graveyards
  • fog machines
  • orange/purple/black color scheme
  • jack o lanterns
  • monsters and other various creatures of the night
  • fake blood
  • skeleton gifs
  • music ranging from ghostbusters to monster mash to thriller

reblog for halloweenpunk like for halloweenpunk

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welcome back to “gay on the moon”, the only show about being gay on the moon

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sweet theme, bro.