Luna’s ending always makes me want to cry.

Morning break doodle. Messed up on her outfit a bit.

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"tumblr is great except for…"

the neo-nazis? the violent misogynists? the white supremacists? the glorification of mass murderers? the blogs committed to telling marginalized people to commit suicide? the pedophiles?

"…the sjws."

ah, yes, clearly it’s the marginalized people trying to get rights. they are the problem here. because they’re occasionally overzealous. or something.

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twergo is having a lot of fun learning renpy and messing with the game sprites we already have and this is some of what has gone down so far (not actually game content)

Dio sprite is by teenidolevilking
Sigma sprite is by lotthirtyseven
Junpei sprite is by dapperyoungmiss
Akane sprite is by twergo
Phi sprite is by me

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Shape Shifter

by Laura Veirs


Shape Shifter - Laura Veirs

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Color palette tutorial time!

This is by no means the Only Way To Pick Colors—it’s just a relatively-simple method I use sometimes.  I’ve found it works pretty well, almost regardless of what colors you pick—as long as you can keep them organized by those light/dark warm/cool categories, and make sure one category takes up a significantly higher proportion of page space, it usually turns out pretty good!

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There’s this post about how if your feminism doesn’t include destroying racism it’s white supremacy.

This is why it’s white supremacy. Like yeah Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a man, but he’s also a man of color. Gloating about how Lucy, a film where a white woman who’s shown to be shooting men of color for not speaking English in a country where English isn’t widely spoken… isn’t intersectional feminism. Instead it’s the essence of white feminism because it’s glorifying the white hero in a non white country, when we are less than a century away from white Europe having colonized the majority of what is now referred as “third world countries” make no mistake colonialism is not dead. So basically if you see Lucy in the theater unfollow me rn.

Boycott Lucy watch Hercules.

I watched Hercules today.  It was a good film, with great supporting actors, quite a few funny moments, Ian McShane (YES) and a lot of action. The Rock proves to be a very good actor, and really sells the character of Hercules.  

I’m not surprised the imagery being used around Lucy leading Hercules in the box office.  It feeds on all the negative views of the “Far East” that Hollywood has been milking for years.  Nothing has changed really.  I will say this… we’ve already known that white women lead movies (action or otherwise) sell.  We know that by looking at all the romantic dramas, adventure shows, and YA adaptations lead by young white women that make money.  So yeah, we’ll get MORE white women lead dramas, action, romantic comedies, and sci-fi movies.  But will that mean we’ll see Black, Asian, and Latinas getting to lead movies, too, since female lead action movies are selling and have been for the last 10 years? NOPE. 

But “yay feminism”… or some shit. 

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sweet theme, bro.